Creating a New Display

  1. Start Proficy Portal and log in. How?

The Proficy Portal client window appears.

  1. On the Proficy Portal toolbar, click the Configure Display button .

Proficy Portal changes to Configure mode.

  1. Add a display. How?

- or -

If you want to create a display that contains one object that covers the entire display, add a full frame display. How?

NOTE: If adding a full frame display, skip to step 7.

  1. Add objects to a display. How?

  2. Configure objects. How?

  3. Set a data source for objects. How?

  4. TIP: You can also add objects to a display by using the drag-and-drop method. This is also known as Natural Presentation. For more information, refer to Dragging and dropping objects onto a display.

  5. Save the display. How?

  6. To test the new display in the run-time environment, click the Switch to Run button on the Proficy Portal toolbar or right-click anywhere in the display area (not on an object) and select Switch to Run from the context menu.

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