Using the Sample System

The Proficy Portal sample system demonstrates many of the features and capabilities of Proficy Portal. You can use the sample system as a learning tool to generate ideas about the types of displays you can create. While using the sample system, if you find a display that works well in your own application, feel free to use it. Many of the sample analysis displays were designed to be flexible for this purpose.

Before Using the Sample System

The sample system is designed to run on the Proficy Portal server.

You can access the sample system from the SampleSystem window provided with Proficy Portal. From the AllUsers folder, select SampleSystem, and on the display window that appears on the right, click the link 'Logon to the sample system'. If security is not enabled, you will see the sample system as soon as you click the link.

If security is enabled, a number of options are available for logging onto the Sample System. The system administrator must first add the 'SampleUser' user in Windows security. For information on setting up Windows users, refer to your Windows online help. After the user has been set up, the Sample System can be accessed in the following ways:

To use real time data, the iFIX Sample System must be running on the Proficy Portal server. Real time data is used in the Enterprise edition 'Graphics' sample displays and in the Historian edition 'TimeBasedTrending' sample display.

It is recommended that the sample system is run in non-Demo mode to ensure it does not time out. In the event the iFIX Sample System times out, stop the Proficy Portal server and then restart the iFIX server.

To use the Historian Edition sample displays, the SampleSystem_iHistorian data source in the Administration application should be changed to have a valid server name, username, and password. In addition, the Historian archive should have at least one hour of data and should include Simulation tags 00001 through 00010 and Simulation string tags 00001 though 00005. These tags must be created with no prefix added to the tag names. For more information on adding/making changes to data sources in Proficy Portal, see Adding an iHistorian Data Source.

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