Event Groups

When configuring an event chart, you may want to create pre-defined sets of events and pens. You can save any event and its associated pens as an event group. By saving an event group, Proficy Portal stores the selected event and the pens associated with that event in the location Users/[logged in user]/EventGroups, by default. You can save the event group in this directory or any subdirectory, such as AllUsers/EventGroups (if you have permission to do so). Saving to the AllUsers/EventGroups directory will make an event group available to all users.

For example, suppose the current event chart has two events defined: Tank A and Tank B. Tank A is configured as the master event; Tank B is an event that is synchronized with the master. You can save both event groups, along with all associated pens, as one event group. If you create pens to the data sources T5Level.F_CV, T6Level.F_CV, and T7Level.F_CV for the Tank A event, Proficy Portal saves these pens along with the event when you select Tank A. Likewise, if you create pens to the data sources T12Level.F_CV, T15Level.F_CV, and T18Level.F_CV for the Tank B event, these pens are saved with the Tank B event.

Loading Event Groups

After you save an event group, you can load it into any Event chart. This feature allows you to quickly change the event applied to a chart. At run-time, this can be a time saver, particularly if you need to refer to data from many different events or to similar events across product lines.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between the file name that stores an event group and the name of the event stored in the file. You can change the file name of the event group as needed; however, this does not affect the name of the event. Consequently, if you attempt to load two different event groups with the same event defined in each one, the second event group file does not load because the event is defined in your event chart after loading the first event group.

NOTE: Loading an event group from the Event Queries tab replaces the event in the event list. Loading an event group from a context menu in the run-time environment replaces existing events in the chart. The events in the event group determine the time criteria and time zone of the pens in the event chart.

Modifying Event Groups

The event groups you create will change as your needs change. From the configuration environment, you can modify an event group by loading it, re-configuring the events in the group, and saving the set of events under their original event group name.

Modifying event groups from the run-time environment is accomplished the same way as in the configuration environment; however, it requires the chart to be modifiable. You can determine if a chart is modifiable by right-clicking in the chart's plotting area. If you see the Configure command in the context menu that appears, the chart is modifiable and you can modify its event groups.   

To learn more about configuring events, refer to Trending Event-based Data.

Deleting Event Groups

You may need to delete event groups as they become obsolete. To delete an event group, remove the file from the Users/[logged in user]/EventGroups directory on the Proficy Portal server.

Before you delete any file, be sure to copy it to another location to serve as a backup.

IMPORTANT: Deleting an event group does not affect the charts using that event group. After an event group is loaded, the data is stored with the chart.

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