Linking Tree Values to Object Parameters

A tree can contain a list of values that can be connected to a parameter in a grid or chart object. The tree can be populated either with the Data Bound or Manual Entry methods (with the Data Source Browser or with strings).

For example, if you want the user to select product names from a folder in a tree, you can populate the tree with these values. If the tree is then connected to a grid, at run-time the user can select any value in the tree to display information on the grid that uses the following SQL statement:

SELECT   DISTINCT {productname?} AS col0, "Product Sales for 2002".ProductSales

FROM "Product Sales for 2002"

When the user selects the product name, Proficy Portal substitutes the string value for the parameter {productname?}, and then executes the resulting statement. The chart or grid subsequently updates with the data that satisfies the SQL statement.

NOTE: You cannot link a node in a tree to a separate node in the same tree.

For information on how to connect object properties, see Connecting Source Properties.

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