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A hyperlink is identical in function to a link in a web page; it allows you to move from one display to another or to a web page when you click it at run-time. Like links on web pages, each hyperlink requires a caption to describe the link and a target location to open when the link is clicked.

When you set up a hyperlink to a web page, you have the option of selecting a URL or a WebSource. WebSources allow you to configure a hyperlink to use a complex URL; that is, a web address that uses query parameters to pass values to the web page. For more information, see WebSources.

When you are configuring a hyperlink to link to a URL or a WebSource, you can specify whether you want the web page (or PDF report) to open in a new browser window or to replace the current display in the same browser window.

Hyperlink Parameters

Properties in many objects can be linked to a hyperlink's parameters. For example, a list box that shows a number of web sites or display names can be linked to the Hyperlink parameter, so that when the user selects a site from the list and clicks the hyperlink, the chosen site is launched. The following table describes each parameter that is available to be linked to from other objects.

Hyperlink Target Parameter


Display Symbols

When symbols are enabled in a display, a hyperlink in another display can be configured to launch the display and pass values to the symbols. The values can be passed in the following ways:

  • Specify the default value on the Hyperlink Configuration dialog box.

  • Set up an object that links to the symbol. For example, a grid or a list box can be used to pass a value to the hyperlink.

  • Set up a variable connection to the symbol.

For more information, refer to Passing Parameters Between Displays.


When linked to by a property, the property becomes the hyperlink's text that appears on the display.


A URL, Display path/name, or a WebSource URL that is passed to the hyperlink by another object.

Symbol file name

A symbol file name that is passed to the hyperlink. When the hyperlink opens its target display, the symbols contained in the symbol file are resolved in that display.

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