OPC Data Sources     

When you set an OPC data source for an object, you must specify the following:

NOTE: Some VARIANT types (for example, the Matrikon OPC Simulation data types 'Money' and 'Time') are not supported for use in Proficy Portal.

Bad Data from OPC Sources

Bad data may be returned differently depending on the specific behavior of the OPC server. It is possible for an OPC server to report a value of zero when the data quality is bad because of a communication failure with the hardware device. When this occurs, you will see the following results in Proficy Portal:

Object Type

Displays bad data as...




0 with a red box to indicate bad quality

Combo Box

No value

List Box

No value

Writing to OPC Data Sources

OPC data sources can be written to with objects such as datalinks and grids. The following exceptions apply:

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