Data Sources

Many Proficy Portal objects display data from remote computers. These computers include historical archives, relational databases, OPC servers, and iFIX SCADA servers. Each remote computer is called a data source because it serves as a source of data.

The Proficy Portal server communicates with data sources to retrieve data as needed. In order to communicate, the Proficy Portal server requires a connector for the remote computer be installed and configured. Connectors supplied with Proficy Portal are installed with the server and your system administrator can configure them with the Administration application.

After each connector is communicating correctly, you can configure Proficy Portal objects to retrieve data and show it at run-time by selecting a specific value from a data source. For example, to trend historical data in a time chart, you might select the historical tag Simulation1 from the Historian data source iHist-Hero. When selecting SQL data, you select the SQL statement you want to execute instead of a specific tag.

Refer to the following sections for data source-specific information:

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