Writing Out Data    

Some data sources support the ability to write data back to a data source. For example, a user may need to modify iFIX tags during run-time. In this case data could be written back to the iFIX source with either a Datalink or a Text box control.

The objects that support writing data back to data sources are Datalinks, Grids, Historian Grids, and Text Boxes. For information on writing data with Datalinks, see Data Entry.

Text Boxes can be used to write to real time data sources – specifically to change the value of a tag. To write to a data source with the Text Box, it must be set up with a WriteValue command. See Text Box and To configure a Text Box to write to a data source for more information.

With grids, several types of databases can be written to, including Historian (Historian Grid), SQL, Oracle, Access, and DB2. You must consider the following before you can proceed to write data to a database with a grid:

When you write to a database with a grid, if the source is successfully written to, you will receive a confirmation message stating this. For specific information on writing to databases with grids, refer to the following:

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