Time and Date Links    

Properties | To configure a Time and Date Link

Use the Time and Date Link to show one of the following on your display:

The link provides the following display options:

Time – displays only the time in the link. Example: 12:32:21 PM

Date – displays only the date in the link. Example: 05/24/03

TimeDate – displays the time before the date. Example: 12:32:21 PM 05/24/03

DateTime – displays the date before the time. Example: 05/24/03 12:32:21 PM

In addition, the Time and Date link provides several format options for the time and the date. For example, you can display the time in 12 or 24 hour format. Likewise, you can display the date in several formats.

The time and date link is not interactive in the run-time environment.