To configure a Time and Date Link

  1. Add a new Time and Date Link or double-click an existing Time and Date Link to access the configuration panel.

  2. Select the time/date option you want the link to display: current time, display start time, or display end time.

  3. Select a time and/or date option. For example, Date Time. The default setting is Time Date.

  4. Select a date format from the Date Format list. The default is M/d/yyyy (e.g. September 30, 2003).

  5. Select a time format from the Time Format list. The default is h:mm:ss a (e.g. 1:43:03 PM).

  6. To change the default font of a Time and Date Link, select the Font tab.

To set further object properties, select Properties from the time and date link object's context menu. For more information, refer to Time and Date Link Properties.