To configure a pen's Grid options in a Time or Event chart

  1. If you have not already done so, insert a chart by selecting it from the Insert menu, or double-click an existing chart to access the chart's configuration panel.

  2. Click the Data tab.

  3. If necessary, add the pen(s) to the chart. There are two ways to add pens (choose one):

    • Load a pen group. How?

    • Add a pen or pens using the Data Source Browser. How?

  4. Click the pen you want to configure and select the Grid tab. You can configure the same options for either the Horizontal Grid or the Vertical Grid.

  5. Select the Show check box to show the (vertical or horizontal) grid.

  6. Select the Draw Lines at Major Ticks check box if you want a line at each major tick mark.

  7. Select the Draw Lines at Minor Ticks check box if you want a line at each minor tick mark.

  8. If you do not want lines drawn at major nor minor tick marks, make sure the check boxes for these options are cleared and enter the number of lines in the Number of Lines box.

  9. To change the color of the grid, click the Grid Color button and select from the color palette.

  10. To change the style of the grid lines, select an option from the Grid Style list box.