Common Chart Procedures

There are several common procedures for charts. For example, all charts are inserted into a display in the same way. Also, charts have many configurable properties in common. When you insert a chart, all general properties, font, and legend settings are configured in the same way; therefore, the procedures will be the same for all charts. This section guides you through these common tasks.

Some charts do, however, have unique properties. You can access chart-type specific procedures from the Help button on each chart's configuration panel, or you can refer to the chart-specific section of this chapter (refer to the See Also links at the end of this topic).

The following provides a basic procedure for configuring a chart:

  1. To insert a chart or modify an existing chart, select one of the following:

  2. To set the chart's name and title, refresh settings, modification restriction, antialiasing option, and background appearance, select one of the following:

  3. To select a data source and/or load or configure pens, select from the following:

  4. NOTE: Your chart will already have a data source if you used the drag-and-drop method of inserting the chart.

  5. To configure a chart's axes, cursors, zooming options, scrolling options, and/or annotation options, select from the following:

  6. To set legend and font options, select from the following:

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