To configure an SQL data source

  1. You can access the SQL data source Edit Source dialog box in the following ways:

    • When an object is inserted from the Insert menu (in the configuration environment). In the Configuration panel, access the Data tab and set the data source via the Data Source Browser. Refer to The Data Source Browser for more information.

    NOTE: The SQL data source is located under the Relational node of the Data Sources tree.

    • When an object is inserted with the drag-and-drop method (Natural Presentation), either in the configuration or run-time environments. Refer to Dragging and Dropping Data Sources (Natural Presentation) for more information.

    • When an object is modified from the Configuration panel (Data tab). Double-click the data source to open the Edit Source dialog box.

  2. On the Edit Source/Configure New Object dialog box, select the columns you want displayed. You can click the Add All button to add all the columns, or select a specific column and click the Add button.

The columns to be displayed appear in the Selected Columns list.

  1. Click OK or Finish.

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