Maximum Rows

The Maximum Rows field controls the number of rows that Proficy Portal requests from the database. The database will not return more rows than this number. This ensures that there is not excessive traffic between the database and Proficy Portal.

The number of rows received from the database is a function of the time criteria (that is, the start date/time and the time span), the retrieval mode, and the maximum rows. If the retrieval mode is "Aggregated", then the grouping interval also affects the number of rows received. For example, if you select a start time/time span of 3 days, and a retrieval mode of "Raw", the number of received rows will be greater than if you select a start time/time span of 3 days a retrieval mode of "Aggregated" with a grouping interval of 10 minutes.

The Max. Rows field is not used by the "Current Value" retrieval mode (because it retrieves the current value only).

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