To add a relative time

IMPORTANT: When entering absolute dates and/or times, you must enter them in the same format as the Base Current Time/Base Display Time shown on the top of the Named Time Editor dialog box. For example, if the time display at the top of the dialog box is 11:00:00 AM, then the time format is H:MM:SS a, and you must use this format to enter your absolute time (e.g., "#11:00:00 AM"). Entering "#11:00:00" (without the AM) will be invalid.

  1. If you have not already done so, select Named Times from the Edit menu. The Named Time Editor appears.

  2. Select the Relative Times tab.

  3. Click the New button .

  4. Double-click the name field to change the name (from RelativeTime#).

  5. Enter the action for the relative time. See Properties and Operators for Named Times and Value Constants for Named Times for more information.

  6. NOTE: All expressions must be entered in double quotation marks, and multiple expressions must be separated with commas. Example: "DAY_OF_MONTH=1","#12:00:00 AM".

  7. If you want the relative time to be based on another (pre-existing) relative time, select it from the Base Time list box. The default value is NONE (i.e. it does not use another relative time as a base). See Using Base Time for Relative Times for more information.

  8. Look at the result in the Evaluation column and verify that it is correct.