Preferences and Defaults

With Proficy Portal, you can configure specific application, display, time-specific, and component defaults from the configuration environment. These defaults are used at run-time; however, the user has the option to override these defaults by setting specific preferences in the run-time environment. Refer to the following sections for detailed information about these features:      

For example, the only application default a user can override is the analysis display that opens on startup. The user can override this default by selecting a different display from the system tree on the Displays tab. For more information about selecting a default display, refer to the section User Preferences.

Users can change time defaults from the run-time environment using the Application context menu (clicking the right mouse button) and selecting the Time Criteria command. All display defaults can also be overridden by configuring display settings with the Current Display Settings command on the Edit menu. To select this command, users need access to the configuration environment. If you restrict access to the configuration environment then users will not be able to override the defaults you select. For more information about configuring display settings, refer to Display Settings.

Certain application defaults take effect immediately. These defaults include:

All other defaults take effect when you create a new display.

You can set application preferences by switching to the configuration environment and selecting Application Preferences from the Edit menu. When you select this command, the Edit Application Preferences dialog box appears. Using this dialog box, you can configure application-wide defaults.