To configure an SQL data source to use Windows Authentication

SQL Server 2000 databases can be configured to use Windows Authentication for a trusted connection, rather than SQL Server Authentication. This configuration allows users to log into Windows or Proficy Portal, and the credentials will carry down to the SQL server.

Before starting, make sure that the SQL data source is configured to use the jTDS driver. For more information, see Adding an SQL Data Source.

  1. In the Proficy Portal client application, click the Administration button on the main toolbar. The Administration application appears.

  2. Click the Roles & Users button.

  3. Select the role or user you want to configure the data source for.

  4. Select the Data Sources tab.

  5. From the list of data sources, select the SQL data source.

  6. Select the Use the interactive user's credentials option.

  7. Click the Apply button for your changes to take effect.

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