Adding Data Sources

You can add data sources in Proficy Portal for any connector that has been installed. A connector is software that enables communication between the data source and the Proficy Portal server. Connectors that are installed with Proficy Portal are: Alarms, FIX, OPC, PI, iHistorian, CIMPLICITY HMI Logger, CIMPLICITY HMI, SQL, and VisualSPC. See Proficy Portal Connectors for information on connector licensing.

In order to connect a data source you must add a specific instance of the data source to the server. By adding an instance, you define the specific communication parameters required to establish a connection.

You can add a data source instance from the Administration application/Connectors & Data Sources.

To add an instance of a specific data source:

  1. Select the folder for the type of data source you want to add, and then select the specific node for the data source.

  2. Enter all required information for the data source in the fields provided.

  3. Click the Apply button.

NOTE: The name you provide for a data source is case sensitive. If at some point you change the case in the data source name, all existing displays that use the data source will no longer retrieve data (an error will be shown on the display).

For more information about adding a specific type of data source, refer to the following sections: