Securing Data Sources

Most remote computers require a login for the Proficy Portal server to retrieve data. For example, in order to access data from an Historian archive, the Proficy Portal server needs to log into the Historian server.

Using Proficy Portal security, you can specify unique login account names to each role, or you can assign a generic login, such as the default data source login to one or more roles. When unique login account names are used, you gain more control over what each role can access. For example, suppose you define two login accounts called Operators and Supervisors on an Historian server. The Operators account provides the privileges to read data from Historian archives, while the Supervisors account provides the privileges to read data and store annotations. Notice both roles access an Historian server, but only the Supervisors role can write annotations.

While unique login accounts provide more control, they can be time-consuming to create and maintain, particularly if you have a lot of roles to configure. You can avoid the need to create unique login accounts for roles by using a generic login account. The Administration application allows you to assign one of the following generic login accounts:

Use the datasource default credentials – assigns the default login configured for the data source to the role. When users assigned to the role access a data source, they log in using the data source's default login. For more information, see Adding Data Sources.

Use these credentials – allows you to specify a username and password for the data source. This is useful if you want several roles to share common login credentials.

Use this role's credentials – allows you to select a role with the login information you want to use. For example, if you select the DataReadOnly role, you would be logged into the data source with the DataReadOnly role's credentials.

Use the interactive user's credentials – assigns the login entered for the current session to the data source. For example, if you logged into the Proficy Portal client as Fred, then Fred's login account is assigned to the data source.

Test – click this button to make sure that the credentials you have specified are valid. If the credentials are valid, the message "Data Source Test: Passed" appears. If the credentials are not valid, the message "Data Source Test: Failed" appears and you must make sure that your users and groups are set up correctly in Windows security.

NOTE: All login account names must exist on the remote computer you are trying to access.

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