To configure an Alarm Analysis object's display options

  1. If you have not already done so, insert an Alarm Analysis object into your display. How?

  2. On the General tab on the Alarm Analysis Configuration dialog box, configure the following display options, as required:

    • If you want columns to be sized according to the data they display, select the Autosize Column Widths check box.

    • If you want grid lines to be visible, select the Show Grid Lines check box. Grid lines are the lines between rows and columns.

    • If you want the size of the grid to be adjusted according to a set number of rows, select the Autosize To Fit Number of Rows check box and enter the number of rows. If you do not select this option, the rows will fill the current grid size and you can modify the grid's size as needed.

    • If you want the grid to display with scroll bars for the user to navigate through the records, select the Scrolling option button. If you select the Pagination option button, the grid will display with page controls.

    • To show the column headers and/or row numbers on the grid, select the Show Column Header/Show Row Numbers check boxes respectively.

    • If you want the user to be able to sort columns by clicking on the column header, select the Column Header Click Sorting check box.

    • If you want to display the grid's status bar, select the Show Status Bar check box. The status bar consists of the Refresh button (that, when clicked, re-retrieves the data from the server) and the total number of rows that were retrieved from the server.

    • To change the color of the column/row header text or background, click the Text or Background color buttons and select a new color from the palette.