Sorting Alarms    

The Alarm Analysis object provides the ability to sort the alarms that appear in the object. On the Sort tab of the Configuration panel, you can sort alarms using any available column in either ascending or descending order. If you select multiple columns, the data is sorted in the order the columns appear in the Sort Keys list. For example, if you select Alarm Status and Alarm Priority as sort keys, and Alarm Status appears first in the list, then the data will be sorted first by Alarm Status, and next by Alarm Priority.

All columns that are selected when setting the data source for the Alarm Analysis object can be used for sorting.

Additionally, during run-time, the user can click a column header to sort that column. Clicking on the column a second time will toggle the sort order from Ascending to Descending. This option is available only if the Alarm Analysis object display setting "Column Header Click Sorting" is enabled. See To configure an Alarm Analysis object's display options for more information.

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