Congratulations on your purchase of Proficy Real-Time Information Portal. This guide covers most of the details you will need to know to get the product up and running, including:

Most businesses use tools to help their decision makers analyze sales, visualize financial data, and make process improvements that enhance the manufacture of their products. Analysis of business and process data is critical to knowing where to make investments and to learning how to improve a company's performance.

Proficy Portal provides superior data analysis tools in a personalized web environment. Using Proficy Portal and a web browser, you can make key decisions by analyzing and visualizing data from historians, SQL relational databases, process databases, or OPC servers. By combining and comparing historical, real time, and SQL data you can see how the leading performance indicators for your company are progressing, allowing you to make sound business decisions.

Learning Proficy Portal is not difficult. To complete most operations, you point and click or drag and drop with your mouse. You never need to write a script, even for complex operations.

Proficy Portal also integrates well into your existing intranet or web site. You can create links between your web server and Proficy Portal displays, allowing you to create seamless navigation between the web pages on your site and the analysis displays on the Proficy Portal server.

You create custom displays with Proficy Portal with a wide range of commonly-used web and analysis components including: charts, grids, trees, hyperlinks, controls, and various shapes. These items provide a rich environment to render any screen element you require.

All displays reside on the server as soon as you save them. Consequently, you can work on your analysis displays from anywhere in the world. When you are ready to make a display available to others, you simply copy it to a pre-defined folder on the server.

Sharing your displays is easy, too, after copying them to the server:

To find out about the new features in this release, refer to Proficy Portal Important Product Information.

If you want to start right away, refer to Quick Start.