Proficy Portal Licensing

Two types of licensing is supported for Proficy Portal 2.6:

- or -

You can run a Proficy Portal server without a license. When this is done, the server runs for two hours in Demo mode and five clients can connect to it. After the two-hour period expires, the Proficy Portal server stops responding to requests and all new login attempts fail.

The Proficy Portal license allows a predefined number of active simultaneous browser sessions to a Proficy Portal server. For example, if you purchase a 50-session license, you can have up to 50 active browser sessions at the same time.

You can purchase Proficy Portal licenses with the following number of browser sessions:

  • 2

  • 25

  • 5

  • 50

  • 10

  • 100

NOTE: For support of architectures with more than 100 clients, please contact GE Fanuc directly.

IMPORTANT: ONLY valid when connecting to iHistorian 1.0 servers – each Historian server has a license for a specific number of client connections. Each Proficy Portal server uses one of these connections regardless of the number of browser sessions in progress. Consequently, it is possible to purchase a 50-client Historian license and a 100-session Proficy Portal license. This configuration leaves 49-client connections for Historian users and one connection for the Proficy Portal server.

You can quickly determine the maximum number of licenses in the Proficy Portal Administration application. Launch Proficy Portal and load the Administration Application. Select Settings & Diagnostics and click on Key Licensing in the tree. You will be presented with the following information:

This field...



if the Enterprise edition is installed. If this field is set to true, Enterprise edition is installed. If this field is set to false, Historian edition is installed.

JDBC Driver Categories

the number of JDBC driver categories purchased. Refer to JDBC Drivers for more information.

Key Version

the current version of the hardware key.

Licensed Users

the amount of user licenses purchased for your installation.


if the OPC option is enabled.


if the PI option is enabled. If the PI option has been purchased, you will be able to connect to OSI PI data sources.

Read Only

if the Proficy Portal server is set to read-only. If it is, your users will not be able to write data to the server.