Quick Start    

Before you can start using Proficy Portal, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Install the hardware key. Refer to The Hardware Key for more information.

  2. Install Proficy Portal on a web server using IIS 5.0 or greater, or on an Apache server using Apache version 2.0.52 or greater. Refer to Installing Proficy Portal for more information.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Proficy Portal, refer to Upgrading to Proficy Portal 2.6 instead.

  1. Configure any Historian server, relational databases, OPC server, or iFIX SCADA servers you want Proficy Portal to communicate with.

  2. NOTE: If you want to connect to iFIX or FIX SCADA systems, then you must also install the iFIX client.

  3. If you want to communicate with a relational database, configure the JDBC driver you need. Refer to JDBC Drivers for more information.

  4. Configure the Proficy Portal server with the Administration application. Refer to Configuring the Proficy Portal Server and Data Sources for more information.