The Run-time Environment

The run-time environment is the public face of Proficy Portal. When users connect to an Proficy Portal server, they are presented with the run-time environment.

The options and preferences set in the configuration environment determine how much you can customize a display at run-time. For example, a display developer can disable time criteria and scroll button modifications for specific displays or the entire application.

The following table summarizes the defaults you can set from the run-time environment when all preferences are enabled:   

The default...

Set from the...

Lets you...

Toggle Toolbar

Display's right-click menu

Show or hide the run-time toolbar.

Toggle System Tree

Display's right-click menu

Show or hide the system tree.

Scroll Values

Display's right-click menu

Define the amount to scroll the display.

Time Criteria

Display's right-click menu

Define the default start/end times set for the display.

Auto Update

Display's right-click menu

Lets you enable or disable the Auto Update option and define the Auto Update rate.

Page Setup

File menu | Page Setup

Select the page layout prior to printing an analysis display.

Default Display

System tree/display name's right-click menu

Sets the selected display to be the default display. This will be shown to the user when they first log in.


After you make a change to a display's default settings, that setting takes effect. For example, if you change the time criteria, the new time span is used in place of the old one. You can make these changes permanent by saving your changes. Refer to the section Saving Run-time Changes to learn more about saving displays at run-time.

Several functions are available within the run-time environment, regardless of the permissions you have been granted. These include saving pen and event groups, printing, and exporting chart and grid data.

For more information on the run-time environment, refer to the following sections: