Link Objects in Run-time

Links are not editable in the run-time environment.

To configure links in a display, you must have access to the configuration environment.


A hyperlink object will open its linked display when clicked.


If Quick Analysis has been configured on a datalink object, the Quick Analysis options will be displayed in the datalink object's context menu. When you right-click the datalink and select a chart or grid, the chart or grid appears in a pop-up window. The types of functions available for use on the Quick Analysis chart or grid depends on the template that the object is configured with. For example, if a Time chart is set up as a Quick Analysis object, when you select the Time chart you may be able to use the Quick Time control and/or the scroll buttons to set the time on the chart, but only if these controls are set as visible in the template. Display time controls (on the run-time toolbar) are also available for use with the Quick Analysis chart or grid, but only if display-level time updates are set as allowable in the template.

Run-time tasks may be available if the Quick Analysis object has been linked to another object. For example, if a Time Component object is linked to a Quick Analysis Time chart, when you right-click the datalink to display the chart, the chart will be updated with the selected times.

NOTE: The Quick Analysis feature works by loading a template for the set object. The only way to change the configuration of the object is to modify the template.

Additionally, the Datalink object can be used to write data out to a source. See Data Source Entry for more information.


A VariableLink has no run-time options.

Time and Date Link

A time and date link has no run-time options.

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