KeyDiag Utility

KeyDiag is a diagnostic tool that provides technical personnel with information about your Proficy Portal hardware key. This utility is for use with M1 keys only. If you are using M4 keys, use the Proficy Management Console.

To access KeyDiag

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Run.

  2. Enter ikeydiag in the Open box and click the OK button. The Proficy - KeyDiag dialog box appears.

    This tab...

    provides information about...

    Licensing Info

    Customer name, order number, and license properties.

    NOTE: If the Proficy Portal hardware key is not installed properly or is defective, `No license available' appears in the License Style box.

    Other Options

    Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX/FIX runtime and baseline options.


    SCADA settings enabled on your system.


    DRIVER settings enabled on your system.


    whether the key is enabled for Terminal Server, and, if so, the maximum number of concurrent Terminal Server connections allowed.


    FIX BOS components enabled on your system.

    Information Portal

    Proficy Portal components enabled by your hardware key.

    Batch Execution

    Batch Execution components enabled by your hardware key.


    Historian settings, such as Historian server, number of points, and whether you can modify Historian data.


    if the ROC driver is enabled, the number of ROC licenses, and any OEM options you may have purchased from other manufacturers that are enabled on the hardware key.

    License Display

    all enabled settings and other information at a particular date and time. You have the option to save this information to a file.