Installing the ISAPI Filter

By default, the ISAPI filter should be created in Internet Information Services when you install Proficy Portal. If it is not, perform the following:

NOTE: If you installed Proficy Portal in a web site other than the Default Web Site, follow the alternate instructions for steps 2 through 9.

  1. Run the Internet Services Manager. The Internet Services Manager is a Windows control panel. Refer to your Windows online help for instructions on how to access this control panel.

  2. Open the system tree for the computer and locate the entry Default Web Site.

– or –

Locate the web site you chose in Creating the Proficy Portal Virtual Directory.

  1. Right-click the Default Web Site text.

– or –

Right-click the web site you chose in step 2.

A context menu appears.

  1. Choose Properties from the context menu. The Default Web Site Properties dialog box (or the Properties dialog box of the web site you chose in step 2) appears.

  2. Select the ISAPI Filters tab and click the Add button. The Filter Properties dialog box appears.

  3. Enter jakarta in the Filter Name box.

  4. Enter YourInstallDir\bin\i386\win32\isapi_redirect.dll in the Executable box.

  5. Click OK to close the Filter Properties dialog box and return to the Default (or chosen) Web Site Properties dialog box.

  6. Click OK to accept your changes and close the Default (or chosen) Web Site Properties dialog box. The Internet Services Manager installs the ISAPI filter.

  7. Restart IIS.

  8. Restart the Proficy Portal server.