To configure a Plant Applications data source

  1. You can access the Plant Applications data source configuration windows in the following ways:

    • When an object is inserted from the Insert menu (in the configuration environment). In the Configuration panel, access the Data tab and set the data source via the Data Source Browser. Refer to The Data Source Browser for more information.

    • NOTE: The Plant Applications data source is located under the Plant node of the Data Sources tree.

    • When an object is inserted with the drag-and-drop method (Natural Presentation), either in the configuration or run-time environments. Refer to Dragging and Dropping Data Sources (Natural Presentation) for more information.

    • When an object is modified (from the Configuration dialog box).

Under the Plant Applications data source, a replica of the Plant Model is shown.

  1. Expand the nodes for Plant, Department, Line, and so on until you find the function you want to use as your data source. If the function you use has parameters, and you want to set default values for the parameters, it may save you time to access the function from the specific Data model node you want to extract data for, as the initial default values will be taken from the navigation path in the tree wherever possible. For more information on the available functions, see Plant Database Functions.

  2. If there are parameters, you can set/change default values. For some parameters you will select a check box or enter a value; however, most parameters require you to make selections in an additional dialog box. Click in the Value box to open the parameter-specific dialog boxes. For parameter-specific information, see Plant Database Parameter Value Properties.

  3. If you want to hide any of the listed columns, from the Displayed Columns list, select the column(s) and click the Remove button. To select multiple columns, hold down the CTRL key and click the columns.

  4. Click Finish.