To configure a VariableLink

  1. From the Insert menu, choose Links, and then choose VariableLink. The VariableLink Configuration dialog box appears.

  2. On the General tab, click the Select Variable button. The Select a Variable dialog box appears.

  3. Expand the system or display folder, and select the variable. Click OK.

  4. Click the Format tab and define the general format of the VariableLink:

  1. Select the miscellaneous properties for the VariableLink:

    1. From the Date Format and Time Format lists, select the date and time formats to be used by the VariableLink .

    2. From the Justification list, select how to justify the text in the VariableLink .

    3. From the Alignment list, select the alignment you want to use by selecting either Horizontal or Vertical.

    4. From the Delimiter box, select a separator character to include a separator between multiple values in the VariableLink.

  2. Click OK.

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