Replacing Defective Hardware Keys

A defective hardware key will cause your Proficy application to run in Demo mode. Be sure to check that the hardware key is firmly attached before assuming it is defective. For USB keys, if the indicator light at the end of the key is off, then the key is not communicating correctly.

You can also use the License Management Console to find out if the hardware key is defective. Run this utility and look under the License Key Information section for the appropriate application. It is possible, however, that if your hardware key is defective, the License Management Console will fail to open and you will instead receive an error message stating that a hardware key is required.

GE Fanuc replaces defective keys as quickly as possible. To obtain a replacement hardware key:

Recovery for Improper USB Key Installation

If the USB hardware key was incorrectly installed, you will need to uninstall if before proceeding.

  1. Right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Manage from the right-click menu. The following dialog box appears:

  1. Select Device Manager from the System Tools tree.

  2. Select Universal Serial Bus controllers from the right pane of the Computer Management dialog box.

  3. Right-click USB Token and choose Uninstall.

  4. Click OK to confirm the uninstall.

  5. Remove the USB hardware key from your computer and reboot your computer.

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