Action Calendar Areas in a Facility

The Action Calendar lets you divide your facility into any number of areas, each with its own unique set of events and schedules.

An Area defines specific locations, stations, or work units with which schedule information may be associated. Examples of areas are




Each area has its own configuration data. One immediate benefit of this feature is that users only need to be familiar with their own area, and do not need to understand the entire plant's operation in order to create or modify schedules. Of course, you, the system administrator, may also define plant wide areas, to schedule events for the entire factory.

For example, you may dedicate an area to factory_lights. You can then create a configuration that will instruct the Action Calendar to turn the lights on and off throughout the plant, at the times you designate.

The information required for an area includes definitions for:


Day types with associated weekdays

Schedules for the day types

Event Definitions

An Event definition provides a list of actions to perform such as Setpoints, and assigns a unique event name to the association.


To define the event MAIN_LIGHTS_ON, associate the CIMPLICITY Point ID MASTER_LIGHTS with a value of one (1).

Day Type Definitions

Day type definitions (or classifications) identify the different types of days are required to accommodate the various production needs of the plant.

Each day type within an area

Has its own unique schedule of events

Includes the days of the week (for example, Tuesday) that you designate

Cannot have a day of the week (for example, Wednesday) that is assigned to a different day type

Examples of day types with assigned days include

Area A

Weekday: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Weekend: Saturday, Sunday

Area B

Workday. Tuesday

Maintenance. Friday


A Schedule definition specifies the sequence and timing of events associated with the area. All times may be specified to the nearest second on a 24-hour clock.


The schedule for a FACTORY area specifies the event MAIN_LIGHTS_ON to occur at 6:00:00am.