Screen Actions

 Note: Both the Home Screen and Previous Screen features rely on actual files to work.

When you enter CimView by pressing the Test Screen button in CimEdit, CimView is not passed a file to work with. The screen is passed in memory. Therefore, because there are no available files for the previous or home screens, the Previous Screen and Home Screen buttons are disabled. (This is why you don't have to save the screen before you push the Test Screen button. Of course, it is recommended that you do. )

When you do an overlay from the test screen you have opened, the Home Screen button is enabled. The new screen file becomes the home screen–it is the first file opened. The Previous Screen button is disabled. There is next file for the previous screen.

Close Screen (Terminal)

Home Screen (Terminal)

Open Screen

Overlay Screen (Terminal)

Previous Screen (Terminal)

Print Screen

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