Option 2.1.3. Animated Text Available for Translation

  1. Create or select a text object; the object will display animated text during runtime.

  1. Open the Properties - Object dialog box.

  2. Open the Expression List Attribute Animation dialog box.

The following options make animated text available for translation.





Checked makes the string available for translation.







Displays then the expression evaluates to True.


Opens a Text box, in which you can enter a longer string.

Your entry will display in the Text String field when you close the Text box. You can scroll to see the entire entry.


Selections are.




Note: If you make the text available for translation make sure that the selected font accommodates the languages in which the string will display.

Arial UNICODE MS can display all languages.


Opens the Font dialog box, in which you can select the font, type and size.

Your selections will display in the Font fields when you close the Font dialog box.

Note: If you want to omit this text selection (or selections) to a CimEdit translation file before you make other text selections, go to Step 2.2. Otherwise, continue with the Step 2.1 options.

Result: The text that is checked for translation is available to be emitted to the selected translation file. The text for each expression will display on a single line in the translation file .

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