Option 2.1.7. Popup Menu Items Available for Translation

Standard Popup menu items.

Customized Popup menu items.

Standard Popup Menu Items

CimEdit automatically sends standard Popup menu items to the translation file when text is emitted.

Items include:

Full Screen




Point View

Point Control Panel

Quick Trends

Customized Popup Menu Items

  1. Select the screen or any object that is on a CimEdit screen.

  2. Open the screen or object's Properties dialog box.

  3. Select Menu.

The following options make the text on the Popup menu available for translation.


String that will be available for translation.


Checked makes the text string available for translation.




Result: The text string that is entered in the Menu text field is available to be emitted to the translation file .

More information

Step 2.1. Select text strings on CimEdit screens.