2. Attach Projects to the OPC Server

Important: The OPC server will not accept points from a project unless the project is listed in the OPC Server configuration.

Cached namespaces.

Steps to attach projects to the OPC Server.

Cached Namespaces

Note: Caching name spaces for a project and reconciling the project on start up are optional.

If both are selected, when the OPC server attaches to a running project for the first time, if  it reads all of the points from the project. Once this is done, the OPC server writes this information to a cache file.

On subsequent startups,

The OPC server will first read in the cache. This improves the startup time dramatically. It also insures that clients attaching to the OPC server will not have added items rejected, even if the project is not yet running.

OPC Browser clients will still see the project’s namespace, even though the project is not running. Once the project starts, or if it is already running, the OPC server begins a background task that reconciles the cache file against the actual project points, then it re-writes the corrected cache back to disk. This insures the cache always remains current.

Steps to Attach Projects to the OPC Server


Open the OPC Server Configuration dialog box.


Select projects and users for the OPC Server.


Review the project state reported in the OPC Server window.

More information

CIMPLICITY OPC Server interactive window.