2. Possible Solutions when an OPC Client cannot Connect to the OPC Server

Start your OPC client application.

Each client application will provide a unique method of referencing OPC servers. One common method is to display a list of OPC servers that are visible to the OPC client. If this is the case, pull up this list. The CIMPLICITY OPC Server reference you are looking for may be one of the following:




Note: The OPC Server user interface is not visible when you connect to it via an OPC Client.

Check the following possible solutions if you are having difficulty connecting with the OPC Server, using any of the server objects, or receiving subscription updates,

Solution 1

Set up the OPC Client.

Solution 2

Register an OPC Server on an OPC Client machine.

Solution 3

Identify a remote OPC Server on an OPC Client machine.

 Note: These options are valid only if the OPC client does not programmatically configure the DCOM security settings. Consult with the OPC client documentation to determine if DCOM security settings are set up by the application directly.

More information

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