Step 4. Configure Recipe Maps

A Map is a list of CIMPLICITY Point IDs to which Recipe parameter values will be written during a Download request, or from which Recipe parameter values will be read during an Upload request. Map points may represent non-contiguous device addresses, and can span several devices.

You can create subfolders in the Maps folder to further classify your Maps. There is no restriction on the number of levels of subfolders you can create. You can create a Map in the Maps folder or in any Map subfolder.

Initially, the Maps folder contains no Maps or Map subfolders.

Component names must be unique.

Steps to create, configure and administer recipe maps are as follows.

Step 4.1

Create a recipe map.

Step 4.2

Rename a recipe map.

Step 4.3

Display recipe map values.

Step 4.4

Enter recipe map parameter values.

Step 4.5

Enter recipe map properties.

Step 4.6

Create, rename, copy and delete a recipe map.

More information

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