Step 3. Add and Configure Variable Quality Characteristics

Information that you enter in the Variable Quality Control Characteristics dialog box is used to configure the selected chart set in the CimEdit/CimView ActiveX control.

Tasks include:

Step 3.1

Add a new variable quality characteristic.

Step 3.2

Specify a variable's general characteristics.

Step 3.3

Define a variable's collection characteristics.

Step 3.4

Set limits for variable quality characteristics.

Step 3.5

Set alarms for variable quality characteristics.

Step 3.6

Set criteria for variable control tests.

 Caution: If you enter specific values during configuration and an inconsistency is detected, SPC will display an error message. You cannot save the configured data until the error is corrected.


You select Values to enter a variable's control limits and enter 25 for an Upper Control Limit and 50 for a Lower Control Limit. SPC will display the following error message, "The upper control limit must be greater than the center line and the center line must be greater than the lower control limit."

 Note: If you use Points for general characteristics on limits rather than specific values, SPC will alert the user when the values become specific at runtime. If SPC detects configuration inconsistencies, it will display an $SPC_ADMIN _ALARM in the Alarm Viewer.

More information

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