Option Resend Selected History Jobs

Note: This functionality is available when either History or Active and History is selected as the Job Type.

  1. Select the jobs you want to resend.

  2. Click Resend.

A page opens that enables you to review the specifications and enter the number of copies of each form to resend.

Fields to review and fill in are:



Current Device


The device that previously sent the jobs, will resend them

Jobs Selected


List of jobs that are selected to be resent.

No. of copies


Number of copies that will be printed for each form.

  1. Click Resend Jobs.

A message asks you to confirm that you want to resend the jobs.

  1. Click OK.

Broadcast Queue Manager displays details about the jobs that were resent.

  1. Do one of the following.

Click View Jobs in <Printer Name> to continue working with the list of history jobs or select another menu option.

Select any option on the Broadcast Queue Manager menu bar.

Result: The jobs have been resent and the page you select opens.

Note: The number of copies printed for a form that display on the Print Options tab in the Form Properties dialog box when you open the form's history file reflects the number of copies originally specified in the either of four BCO function blocks.

Broadcast Form

Send Form to Device


Send WYSIWYG Form By Variable

The number entered in the Broadcast Queue Manager is not recorded.

More information

    Option 4.2.2. Search for history jobs.