Optional PRT Configuration Files

The optional configuration files are not required to run a basic tracking model. However the configuration of your tracking model may require some or all of these files in order to provide you with the kind of information you want to collect.

All of these files have a .dat extension, with the exception of the last two, which have a .cfg extension.

Files with a .dat extension are binary; files with a .cfg extension are in text format.

File Name

File Definition



PRT Item Type Translation

Translates item type codes received from detection devices into item type IDs that can be recognized by Tracker. This file must be configured when the prt_route records have a translation type value of 2


PRT Route Invalid Type

Identifies an item type(s) that is invalid for a specified route.


PRT Region Item Association

Defines the item type roles for parent/child associations, of which there is one record configured for each item type.


PRT Status Code

Determines the status bits in the track model for both regions and items.


PRT Region Item Type Display Point

Configures the item type quantity in a region that is to be displayed through a setpoint.

Note: Must be configured when prt_grd is configured.


PRT Region Item Attribute Display Point

Identifies the setpoint ID that will link item attributes by region.

Note: Must be configured when prt_grd is configured.


PRT Region Attribute Counter Definitions

Indicates the counters in item attributes. This will in turn trigger the action taken when an item containing the defined attribute enters the region.


PRT Field Labels

Defines the column names for the prt_ui (PRT User Interface) in place of attribute names. A default record is provided with Tracker and must be present to run the prt_ui.

More information

Identify the PRT configuration files.