Option 3.4.1. Create a New Output Module

In the Output Modules group you have the option of creating a new output module, using an existing output module, or editing an existing output module. An output module can consist of one or more function blocks that work together to perform

  1. Click adjacent to the field where you want to create a new output module.

  2. Select New from the Popup menu.

The Output Logic Wizard opens.

  1. Identify the block.

Fields are as follows.




Unique identifier for the output module.


Describes the purpose of the module.

  1. Do either or both of the following to add function blocks to the module.


Add New Function Blocks to a Logic Module


Cut/Copy/Paste Existing Function Blocks to and from Logic Modules

 Tip: Use the toolbar in the Wizard to add or delete function blocks, and to change the position of the function block up or down in the list. Also, you can use the checkbox next to each function block to enable or disable it in the list. Be sure to compile when you have made changes to the function block list.

More information

Step 3.4. Configure the output modules group.