Step 3. Configure a Routing Control Site

A site level in the Tracker Configuration User Interface consists of points and logic modules that are common for all items and events.

Configuration hierarchy overview

Control site configuration steps

Configuration hierarchy overview

 Important: Configuration of lower-level data items, for example, triggers or decisions, will override site level configuration.


Control site configuration is common for all items and events.


Configuration of lower-level data items overrides control site configuration.

Control site configuration steps

To configure a control site, perform the following tasks:

Step 3.1

Create a new site.

Step 3.2

Name and describe RCO.

Step 3.3

Configure the General Setup group.

Step 3.4

Configure the Output Modules group.

Step 3.5

Configure the Execution Sequence group

Step 3.6

Configure the automatic triggers group.

More information

Routing Control Object configuration.