Rotation Pull Ahead

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Rotation Pull Ahead advances the rotation numbers of a sub-range of items in the range source by a relative amount.


The rotation numbers of all items in the sub-range will be lowered by a Pull Ahead Value lower than before processing began.

The relative sequence of all items that are not currently selected from the range will be unaffected with regard to each other; however, the selected items will be assigned lower numbers to advance them in the overall sequence.

Rotation numbers must already be assigned to items in the range source by a Resequence Mode Block module earlier in the routing or output logic module.  The Rotation Pull Ahead function block should be added somewhere after the Resequence Range function block.


Parameters not yet available.



Range Name

Specifies a sub-range.

  1. Double-click this field to display the browse dialog for ranges.

  2. Do one of the following:

Enter a existing range or region name

Click the Browse button to select from a list of existing ranges.

Click the Pop-up button and:

Select Browse to select from a list of existing ranges, or

Select New to define a new range. The Range Viewer dialog box appears.

Item Class

Class of the item assigned a rotation number.

Rotation Number Attribute

Name of the attribute that stores the rotation number.

Pull Ahead Value

Relative amount to lower rotation numbers of items in the subrange.

Range Point ID

(Optional) Text point

Contains the name of a range.

Supercedes Range Name.

Rotation Attribute Point ID

(Optional) Text point

Stores the name of an attribute.

Supercedes Rotation Number Attribute.

Pull Ahead Value Point ID

(Optional) Analog (integer) point

Contains the relative amount to lower rotation numbers of items in the sub-range.

Supercedes Pull Ahead Value.


 Resequence Mode Begin.

Resequence Range.

Resequencing and Rotation Numbers.

RSA function blocks list.