Step 6. Test the Expression

Option 6.1

Get values.

Option 6.2

Test items.

Option 6.3

List items.

Option 6.4

Query the Tracker Historical database.


  1. If a query fails, the Query Engine will display a message to report the failure and discards debug information. If you want to save the debug information you can create a global parameter SOLVEENGINEDEBUG to have the Query Engine write it to a file.

  2. By default, the Query Engine will try to get results to a query for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds it will stop and display a time-out message. You can change the length of time by creating a global parameter SOLVEENGINE_QUERY_TIMEOUT.

  3. You can query the Tracker Historical database instead of the TADB and Tracker databases. The Tracker Historical database can be used with any of the test options.

More information

Order Execution Mgt. Query configuration.