About WebView

WebView enables a user to view CimView screens through the Web. WebView screens can display through and independent of the CIMPLICITY Web browser interface.

This enables an authorized user who is at a remote location, to:

Participate in a user session and interact directly with a CIMPLICITY project screen or

Enter a broadcast session and view pre-determined read-only CIMPLICITY screens.


Increases your CIMPLICITY server capabilities by making it a Web server, if you select to use the CIMPLICITY Web server capability.

Automatically publishes a home page that will display when a user goes to a specified Web address.

Enable a user (who has security clearance to participate in a user session) and use the home page as a starting point to display and interact with CimView screens that you have created for one or more CIMPLICITY projects.

Enable an unlimited number of users to view a pre-determined read-only CIMPLICITY screen.

WebView is particularly useful if a user, who is working with a laptop or at a remote location that does not have a CIMPLICITY viewer.


CimView screen


WebView stand-alone screen


WebView through CIMPLICITY Browser interface

You, the system administrator or CimView screen designer, do not need to edit separate HTML files. In fact, you do not need to know HTML. With WebView, you only need to enable a user to overlay one CimView screen with others, check a few specifications and the feature will be ready for use.

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