WebView Easy Steps

You can use WebView to automatically configure HTML screens from CimView screens. You can actually configure a CimView screen to be an index screen through which users can open other screens. You can make WebView convert all of these screens, so you have a WebView site that emulates a Viewer's CimView interface. You can create a working WebView site by implementing the following easy steps.

Note: Make sure you have administrator privileges.

Once WebView is up and running, you will see how straightforward your planning will be.

WebView configuration on the Server

Step 1

Display the WebView tab .

Step 2

Create a Home Web page..

Step 3

Configure advanced WebView options for user sessions.

WebView Broadcast session configuration

Step 1

Display the CIMPLICITY Options Broadcast Sessions tab.

Step 2

Open a Session Properties dialog box.

Step 3

Define the files for the Broadcast session.

Step 4

Define Broadcast session display and accessibility.

Step 5

Define Broadcast session update and refresh rates.

Step 6

Specify if the Broadcast session should start automatically.

Step 7

Enter CimView options.

Monitor Sessions

Step 1

Specify the WebView server.

Step 2

Monitor all WebView sessions.

Step 3

Monitor broadcast sessions.

Steps for the WebView Browser

Step 1.

Configure your Internet browser connection. If you are using a proxy server, make sure it is bypassed for an Internal Network (Intranet) connection.

Step 2.

Open the Web browser.

Step 3.

Enter http://WebServerName/WebView


ServerName is your Web server's computer name.

 Note: If you don't know your Web server's computer name, click the Network icon in the Microsoft Control Panel and find it on the Identification tab in the Network dialog box.

More information

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