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QUAL_BAD Substatus Values

Use the the QualityGetPart Cicode function and the necessary Part parameter to return the details of a QUAL_ BAD tag. The following table identifies the possible information that will be returned.

Cicode label name Value Description
QUAL_BAD_NON_SPECIFIC 0x00 The value is bad but no specific reason is known.
QUAL_BAD_CONFIGURATION_ERROR 0x01 There is some server-specific problem with the configuration. For example, the item in question has been deleted from the configuration.
QUAL_BAD_NOT_CONNECTED 0x02 The input is necessary to be logically connected to something but is not. This quality may reflect the fact that no value is available at this time, for reasons like the value may not have been provided by the datasource.
QUAL_BAD_DEVICE_FAILURE 0x03 An inoperative device has been detected.
QUAL_BAD_SENSOR_FAILURE 0x04 An inoperative sensor has been detected (the ‘Limits’ field can provide additional diagnostic information in some situations).
QUAL_BAD_LAST_KNOWN_VALUE 0x05 Communication has been lost, however, the last known value is available. The age of the value may be determined from the TIMESTAMP in the OPCITEMSTATE.
QUAL_BAD_COMM_FAILURE 0x06 Communication has been lost. There is no last known value available.
QUAL_BAD_OUT_OF_SERVICE 0x07 The block is off scan or otherwise locked. This quality is also used when the active state of the item or the group containing the item is InActive.
QUAL_BAD_WAITING_FOR_INITIAL_DATA 0x08 After items are added to a group, it may take some time for the server to actually obtain values for these items. In such cases, the client might perform a read (from cache), or establish a ConnectionPoint based subscription and/or execute a refresh on such a subscription before the values are available. This substatus is only available from OPC DA 3.0 or newer servers.

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