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QUAL_EXT Substatus Values

Use the the QualityGetPart Cicode function and the necessary Part parameter to return the details of a BAD or UNCERTAIN quality tag. The following table identifies the possible information that will be returned.

Cicode label name Value Description
QUAL_EXT_NON_SPECIFIC 0x00 There is no specific extended substatus value.
QUAL_EXT_SCHEDULED_OFFLINE 0x01 The device is a scheduled device that is offline and no cache value is available.
QUAL_EXT_INVALID_TAG 0x02 The tag configuration is invalid.
QUAL_EXT_INVALID_DATA 0x03 The value of the tag is invalid.
QUAL_EXT_SOFTWARE_ERROR 0x04 An internal software error occurred in the device driver.
QUAL_EXT_TOO_MANY_DEVICES 0x05 Too many devices are attached.
QUAL_EXT_COMM_NO_INIT 0x06 Communication is not initialised.
QUAL_EXT_COMM_BAD 0x07 Bad communication.
QUAL_EXT_TAG_OUT_OF_RANGE 0x08 Tag address is out of range.
QUAL_EXT_WRITE_ONLY 0x09 Tag is not readable.
QUAL_EXT_WRITE_PROTECTED 0x0A Write operation is not authorised.
QUAL_EXT_NO_CLUSTER_SPECIFIED 0x0B No cluster is specified within a system or for a given tag.
QUAL_EXT_CLUSTER_NOT_FOUND 0x0C The requested cluster is not known or no clusters are available.
QUAL_EXT_CLUSTER_DISABLED 0x0D The requested cluster is disabled.
QUAL_EXT_SESSION_NOT_CONNECTED 0x0E Cannot connect to the requested session.
QUAL_EXT_TAG_RESOLVE_TIMEOUT 0x0F Tag could not be resolved.
QUAL_EXT_VALUE_NOT_REPLICATED 0x10 Tag element value not replicated to every redundant DataSource.
QUAL_EXT_STALE 0x11 Tag element value is “stale.
QUAL_EXT_COMM_DEV_BAD 0x12 Unsuccessful communication between DataSource and PLC.
QUAL_EXT_INVALID_ARGUMENT 0x13 Invalid element used for referencing to a tag.
QUAL_EXT_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE 0x14 Tag element value is out of range.

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