Data for the EMS

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The EMS needs a historic data basis in order to calculate the trend and to perform the optimization. If no historic data are available for the data points, the EMS cannot start the calculation. Therefore no calculated value is displayed for the Final value of forecast.

At the moment the EMS has no interface to the Archive Server. This is not necessary for the short term optimization. For this the historic data which were recorded via option Harddisk data storage are enough.

The following settings depending on the period length are recommended for the recording of the HD data.

Number of past values

As guideline use the following rule-of-thumb:

The Historic data area which is provided by the Harddisk data storage has to be at least 1.5 times the size of the corresponding Forecast horizon. If not enough data are available, the calculation of the optimization is not started.

attention Attention

At the beginning of the Forecast horizon the EMS needs a Current value for the displayed supply area. Thereby the new value must be transferred to the EMS during the next but one Optimization cycle, i.e. if the optimization cycle is 30 seconds, the value must be transferred in the period between 30 an 60 seconds.

If the EMS does not receive a value in this period, the new initialization of the EMS can be carried out during the next billing period at the earliest.